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Best Inventions

From innovative makeup brands and wearable tech to low calorie ice cream and consumer friendly robots,?TIME’s?annual list of the best inventions is?one of the?most anticipated & popular franchise of the year.

TIME has expanded the list to feature 50 of the best inventions of the year spanning categories relevant to all consumers and businesses including health & wellness, fashion & beauty, food &?beverage, transportation, toys, games and more.

2018 Issue Date: 11.26.18 | Ad Close: 10.26.18

Person Of The Year

Every year, TIME editors select the individual or group with the most profound impact on our world over the past year for better or for worse. As one of the world’s most recognized and anticipated media events, Person of the Year exemplifies TIME’s power to ignite a truly global conversation.

2018 Issue Date: 12.17.18 | Ad Close: 11.16.18

The Optimists

In January 2018, TIME tapped a guest editor to take the reigns of an issue for the first time in its 95 year history. The result? Bill Gates curated a list of A-list contributors to focus on good news and share why they’re optimistic about the future. This December, one of the entertainment industry’s VIPs will take the reigns.

2018 Issue Date: 2.18.19 | Ad Close: 1.18.19

TIME Nominated for 2018 ASME Awards

The American Society of Magazine Editors’ (ASME) 2018 National Magazine Awards for Print and Digital Media recognize?excellence in the media industry across print, digital, social, photography and more.?

TIME received the following nominations:

Digital Innovation: TIME, “Finding Home: 3 Babies, 3 Families, 1 Year” Photographs by Lynsey Addario, reporting by Aryn Baker and video by Francesca Trianni

Video: TIME and Mic, “Life After Addiction” Videoby Aja Harris and Paul Moakley and reporting by Alice Park

Social: TIME Magazine

Feature Photography: TIME and Mic, “Life After Addiction”
TIME, “Death Reigns on the Streets of Duterte’s Philippines” Photographs by James Nachtwey






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